Would you date this guy?

As mentioned in the Okame post (below), that lovely lady is frequently seen with this male companion.

His name, Hyottoko, appears to be derived from hi (fire) otoko (man), which seems like a good name for the boyfriend of the sensually hot Okame. This folk hero’s job was to keep the embers in a kitchen fire burning by blowing through a bamboo tube, which explains the unusual shape of his mouth.
IMG_1518Hyottoko and Okame were often featured in the comic mini plays known as kyōgen that were performed before or during the intermission of much more solemn Noh dramas. The goal was to give the audience a break by making them laugh, and it’s easy to see why Hyottoko was such an effective actor.   It’s hard not to smile when you look at his img_2836face.




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