More hashioki humor



I thought this shark hashioki was just a run-of-the-mill piece…




until I turned it over.  The underside shows not only the shark’s skeleton, but also its’ jaw full of pointy teeth, ready to chomp on some unsuspecting prey.



I purchased this hashioki at the museum store of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in May 2014.  The museum was one of my favorite haunts during my teenage years;  it was the place that convinced me art museums could be awe-inspiring cathedrals of beauty.  Growing up I was particularly entranced by the Japanese tea house inside the museum, and the tea house is still there.  But on my last visit the museum looked like a worn and tired version of its former vibrant self, and the tiny collection of Japanese art on display had not been rotated since my previous visit a few years earlier.

But obviously one of the buyers for the museum store is a kindred spirit;  I purchased two hashioki there in 2014, and have purchased others on previous visits.



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