Creative packaging

Many hashioki can be described as kawaii (cute or charming in Japanese), but only a few come in packages that are kawaii, too.

The body of this monkey is made up of four stacking chopstick rests in alternating colors of blue and orange. It was designed by children’s book illustrator Shinzi Katoh. And just in case a potential buyer isn’t sure what this monkey is when they spot it in a store, the words “CHOPSTICK REST” are printed on the base.
IMG_2022Katoh produces an extensive line of other exceedingly cute merchandise, but these edamame hashioki are among his best. Each of the four rests has unique eye decorations, and they nestle together in their own soy bean shell holder. There is also a two bean version of this design.
We can be certain that this five piece set is perfect for hot pot dinners because it comesIMG_2024 packaged inside its’ own ceramic hot pot. The hashioki represent five popular yosenabe or Japanese hot pot ingredients, including crab, mushroom, spring onions, kamaboko or fish sausage, and daikon radish half moons.
The only problem with these hashioki is that it’s hard not to be reluctant to remove them from their packaging, and a little embarrassing to be so anxious to return them to their reassembled state.


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