A skulk of foxes

IMG_2365If you’ve read by previous post on Foxes (April, 2016) you already know that I am always on the lookout for fox hashioki, and surprised that more of them don’t exist.

So when I happened to spot this charming carved example on eBay of a fox and her baby I was thrilled.


This find was especially good because the listing was not for one example, but for an identical set of five.  In fact, the listing was for a skulk of foxes.  I knew that a young fox was called a kit or a cub or a pup, but was surprised to learn that a group of foxes are known as a skulk.  Who knew?  But of course it makes sense.


We sometimes spot a fox in the woods behind our house, especially around dusk, and that animal is definitely slinking along, moving from bush to bush to a stealthy manner…. skulking, and looking much more sinister than these adorable hashioki.

Normally I shy away from identical sets of five, but this fox set — excuse me, skulk — was too good to pass up.




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