Damaged, but still treasured

This hashioki depicts a raised floor storehouse with a gabled roof that archeologist believe IMG_2393has been built in Japan since the first century CE. Believed to have been used to store grain or rice, this structure is also believed to inspired the architecture of many Shinto shrines. The mossy green and gold glaze on this piece is reminiscent of the natural cypress wood used to construct Japan’s most revered Shinto sanctuary, the Ise Grand Shrine.

I purchased this chopstick rest as part of a large group from a seller on eBay.  I was particularly attracted by this piece in the group because of its cultural significance. Unfortunately, this piece was damaged during shipping; one of the ends of the roof broke off into several tiny pieces. You can see the chip on the upper right.  This is one of the pitfalls of collecting fragile items. I’m disappointed that the hashioki is not pristine, but… it’s still a treasured part of my collection.


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