Obligated to buy

I felt obligated to buy this trio of hashioki when I saw them listed on Crate and Barrel’s web site in April 2014.

They’re adorable, of course, but after collecting chopstick rests for more than 20 years I tryIMG_2394 to resist buying examples that are merely cute. They’re also interesting because they are part of a line of goods with a fish motif designed by interior designer and architect Paola Navone for the housewares retailer, but I already have a number of pieces in my collection created by other designers.

The truth is that I bought these because I felt it was my duty to support the sale of hashioki from a major United States retailer. I lobby for the proliferation of chopstick rests; how could I withhold my charge card from supporting the cause? I’m proud to say that I have a few other examples that came from Crate and Barrel and other US retailers.

Crate and Barrel’s website quotes Navone describing herself as “a little bit of an anthropologist.” That may explain why in a collection she says was inspired by the Mediterranean Sea that she chose to include a few pieces with an Asian provenance. Bravo, Paolo! Bravo, Crate and Barrel!


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